The business of the company

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The Company’s mission is to locate, and extract precious metals and minerals from its mining claims. The Company’s vision is to become a profitable mining company that respects the environments in which it operates by employing sound, professional, and environmentally friendly mining practices and procedures to insure safety and  optimal productivity.

​​​EM Mining, Inc.

Our mission

The nuggets shown above were extracted from a gold vein located in one of our targets.

Rare earth elements.

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EM Mining, Inc., is a new mining company with a large number of claims near the southern border of California and Nevada. Using an Electromagnetic testing method EM Mining has recently acquired an inferred assay of three major ore bodies on their property and currently is pursuing capital to complete a short core drilling program which will then provide a discovery position on all three ore bodies. Our firm is currently building a sizeable inventory of valuable minerals such as copper, gold, and silver, etc. EM Mining resource assets are located in San Bernardino County, California near the Nevada state border on Interstate 15 at Mountain Pass. The company controls over 560 acres of claims that have already tested positive.

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How the company is carrying out its activities

Welcome to EM Mining, Inc.

Testing has been conducted through Electromagnetic profiles conducted by Geo-Western Company. The intent of the profiling is to determine whether conductors, indicating potential gold mineralization, exist within the area of the claims.  The results of the testing have been mapped out. The Company has pinpointed the site for drilling of several core samples, which after drilling and acquisition, the company will go for assay confirmation of the core samples.  Once these assays have been confirmed the Company will go for extraction of the ore. The Company believes that it has discovered indications of the presence of precious metals as well as, copper, quartz and magnetite.